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WhatsApp hits 1B daily users even if its Snapchat clone rockets to 250M

Facebook is winning the race to bring Snapchats Stories format to the flaming of the world back its originator. WhatsApp Status, its relation of Snapchat Stories, now has 250 million daily sprightly users. Thats despite it monster relegated to a secondary dedicated tab in the app, by the side of beast front and center concerning speaking the residence screen once Instagram Stories which in addition to now has highly developed than 250 million users.

Snapchat by comparison abandoned has 166 million daily users of its entire app. That append Snapchats private messaging feature that help from Streaks which uses gamification and emoji badges to incentivize cronies to send at least one Snap support and forth each hours of hours of daylight.

All that inclusion subsequent to than Stories, voice and audio calls, and its core of text messaging has driven WhatsApp to 1 billion sum daily users and 1.3 billion monthly users. That means a remarkably high 76% of WhatsApps monthly users come pro daily. WhatsApp users now send beyond 55 billion messages per day, including 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos.

For suggestion, WhatsApp had just 1 billion unqualified monthly users in February 2016, and 450 million monthly users and 350 million daily users in February 2014 when it was acquired by Facebook. Now that $19 billion price tag doesnt seem appropriately insane.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the 250 million metric update during todays flesh and blood Q2 2017 Facebook earnings call, and in a stats update in the region of his Facebook profile. Thats going on from 175 million, which Zuckerberg revealed 3 months ago vis–vis Facebooks previous earnings call. He says that Facebook and WhatsApp are now building out teams to monetize their messaging apps. WhatsApp Status could be a natural burning for vertical video ads just following the ones vivacious upon Instagram.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum followed occurring in imitation of his own blog p.s. of stats, concluding that As we celebrate this milestone, weabout vigorous beyond ever to bringing you more useful features to enjoy, though delivering the reliability, simplicity, and security you expect bearing in mind WhatsApp.


The sudden global cumulative of WhatsApp Status in the first 6 months back it launched in February demonstrates that Snapchat left a omnipotent market entrance for molest by focusing upon U.S. teenagers on the other hand of kids altogether single one in the region of the world.

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