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Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number!

Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number!

Nowadays the knowledge of current generation meditation is now. Just fill the data pack. Then there is no cost. Then tonight’s whole story and story. However, the number of phone numbers required to use WhatsApp. But now you can use WhatsApp without phone number, what information do you know? This is a feature that lets you use the WhatsApp app without the phone number. So how can you use the WhatsApp app without a phone number?

1. First install the WhatsApp app on your phone.

2. Then again and again download and re-install the WhatsApp app.

3. Now, on the flight mode on your phone, the other messaging services are closed.

4. Now enter any number in the re-installed WhatsApp app. But it’s for verification. You can not send a message from this number.

5. Without verification you can not use the WhatsApp app. So from the WhatsApp app you get an option of ‘Verify via SMS’. By clicking on this option you will be given your email id.

6. Click the set button and immediately click on the Cancel button.

7. Now install the ‘Spoof text message’ app.

8. Now you will have a process of informing you about it. Fill it out.

9. Your process is complete. The phone number that you provided will delete all the information about you. And then you can use the WhatsApp app without a mobile number.

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