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If you use this 10 things in Facebook, you can stay in danger
If you use this 10 things in Facebook, you can stay in danger

If you use this 10 things in Facebook, you can stay in danger

Popelka Rihanna, Taylor Swift, has a fake link on Facebook. Many people are very enthusiastic to click on such a link. But this link is actually the trap for cybercriminals. Antivirus Builder BitDefender recently released a list of popular malware scams on Facebook this year.

Experts have advised, if you see any such link in your Facebook Newsfeed, do not click it. Those who click on this type of link only malware. Gizmodo, a technology website, has recently published a report about the popular 10 Facebook scams released by BitDefender.

1. Profile visitor statistics – fake

A link can be seen in your news feed to tell how many times your Facebook profile is viewed. The advertisements made in the form of advertisements for information about who are watching your profile are completely fake. Facebook does not approve any such thing. Do not click on any such link.

2. Change colors – Unreal

I’ve redone my Facebook profile! Do you want to change the color of your Facebook profile. Then click on this link – you will be asked to click on a link in the same language. Facebook does not offer this kind of change in color. You will not have to paint Facebook in your favorite color. Facebook will remain blue. So refrain from clicking on such links.

3. Links to Rihanna’s Naked Video – Dangers When Clicking

There are numerous scams on Facebook about Rihanna. Many new and old scam links can fool you. Remember that the link to Reinhart’s sex video on Facebook is all fake. So do not click on it.

4. Free Facebook Tshirt – Unreal

Why will Facebook give you their t-shirts? By fooling you, cybercriminals can exploit their interests by showing greed for T-shirts. If you get a Facebook T-shirt you can get Zuckerberg only. Remember, when you appear on any Facebook program, there is a possibility of getting a free T-shirt. It is not ok to expect this type of Facebook link to be clicked on.

5. The hope of excluding blue Facebook – futility

False scams on facebook can make you fool. ‘Goodbye to Blue Facebook’ is such a scam link, which tells you to get rid of Facebook’s blue color just like Facebook’s color change. Since Facebook’s color can not be changed, please refrain from clicking on such links.

6. Free-price products – Expect hope

There are some scams on Facebook titled ‘Unshielded Products, Free Guivoy’. You are shown temptation to click on these links. Remember, nothing on Facebook is worthless.

7. Whether you have deleted someone from the buddy list – read malware grip

Some Facebook scams are claimed, by clicking on this link, it will be known who removed the user from the buddy list. But these links are actually fake and used to spread malware. So it is good to not click on this link.

8. Top Stellar List-False

A scam is claimed, know the top ten Facebook stocker. It’s a fake program like Facebook Status Program.

9. View Profile – Malware

You may have a keen interest in who sees your profile today. Cyber Misprising Instant To Use Your Interest But the sad thing is seeing your profile, the Facebook authorities did not have the advantage. So do not click on the ‘Who Viewed Profile’ link.

10. Changing the Facebook Theme – Virus

‘I changed my Facebook theme. It’s fantastic. “You can see this interesting writing on some links. But there is nothing surprising in this. Clicking it means to make an arrangement to catch the virus.

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