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Top 5 Job for Your Career | You Can Choose One of Them
Top 5 Job for Your Career | You Can Choose One of Them

Top 5 Job for Your Career | You Can Choose One of Them

Due to lack of professional skills, it is difficult to proceed in the workplace Career ran to fall back It is possible to get success soon after entering the job of living in line with the specific subjects of education The aim and decision needed for this Only then will success.

Most of the time, it is seen that after finishing education, they have to run behind the gold deer called Jobs. Even when there is a big problem, when it is seen in the bank honors in Bangla, statistics are done either by the Medical Representatives or in the field of journalism. Many times it is difficult to get promotion due to lack of professional skills Career ran to fall back Many people think of building a career in the subject But the goal and decision is right if the success is inevitable So, first of all, we have to know what kind of career sector in our country Besides, it is also important to know what kind of qualifications are needed in these sectors.

Here is Top 5 Job List

Marketing Company:

Currently the most people in our country are employed by the marketing company From different consumer products to cosmetics, they are marketing These companies started to be a general salesman and took the position of General Manager Based on educational qualifications, talent and experience, the terms are given here

Medicines industry:

Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry has progressed a long way Drugs are being exported abroad by meeting the needs of the country Most of the drug companies are taken to the Medical Representative post The work of the Medical Representatives is mainly to supply orders from pharmacy and pharmaceutical markets Delivariman later supplied those medicines There are sales incentives as well as sales in this job

Banking sector:

The biggest advantage of the job of this sector is the stability of the job and pension after the job. Earlier, we had to rely solely on the public bank Now there are many private banks in the country People from these junior officers started taking money from these banks As a probationary officer, there must be at least a master’s pass or equivalent, but it is better if MBA passes Life can be adjusted in this profession from time to time That is, come to the office at a certain time and return from the office.


There was a time when journalism was seen as a profession by many people It was then thought that journalism has not been able to do anything Time has changed, this profession is now available with respect as well as honorable honor Presently, electronic media has moved far beyond the print media The demand for journalists has increased So anyone who studies the education can enter this profession Those who have studied journalism are given preference.

Telecom Sector:

Thousands of unemployed young men and women are directly or indirectly engaged in this profession. From the top to the top of the call center and from the customer care to marketing, anyone who joins this profession can participate in the least degree of graduation and enter the profession. Can proceed to the front You have to make yourself with time Take the right decision the Only merit can be developed efficiently in any profession or position.

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