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This music festival is a first time ever such charity show in Bangladesh

Both on 17 & 18 August 2007, the weather was not a suitable one for such an event. But fighting all the odds, a score of music fans and enthusiasts gathered at Fantasy Kingdom to witness and be a part of this humanitarian call for fund raising for the flood affected people. This music festival is a first time ever such charity show in Bangladesh. All major bands, music icons and label companies of Bangladesh have come forward to participate in this two day long charitable event. Those who are involved with event are, Concord Group, Channel I, Radio Foorti, Carnival, SAS and amadergaan.com as media partners and big label companies e.g. G-series; Sangeeta, Laser Vision, Sound Machine, Gaancheel, Impress Audio Vision Ltd., Bengal Music also participated in the Banglalink Desh Music Fest 2007, to be a part of this humanitarian effort. Almost fifty major bands and solo performers took part in this gala event.

This music festival is a first time ever such charity show in Bangladesh

On the first day of this two day long event, around 12:30 those who would perform appeared on the stage one by one. The event officially inaugurated by a joint announcement by leading band artist Maqsood and baul performer Shahjahan Munshi. After the official inauguration the participating artists jointly performed the National Anthem.


In these two days artists and bands that participated and performed were Miles, Maqsood O’ dHAKA, Nagarbaul, Warfaze, Aurthohin, Black, Artcell, Pentagon, Lalon, Mohakal, Digital, Arnob and Friends Hyder Hussain, Mehreen, Roma and Milon Mahmud.


Scare Crow, Club IF, Nemesis, Durbeen, The Trap, Arup Rahi, Shahjahan Munshi, Ajob, Tomosh, Metal Maze, Asif, Komol with his guitar solo, Shahed, Azam Khan, Bangladesh, Prometheus, Yatry, Shirinaamhin, Feedback, Dalchhut, Souls, and LRB.


Defying the heavy down pour in the first day, thousands of music fans were seen enjoying each performance in great zeal and enthusiasm. Especially the performance of Maqsood, Nagar Baul, Warfaze, Artcell, Black, and Arnob were outstanding. The innovative application of Laser Lights by SAS bemused the audience. One of the major incident on this day was the publication and CD cover unveiling ceremony of a mixed album by Agniveena, a sister concern of G-Series, under the title of ‘Ke Anke Onno Chhobi’ which was also sold at the venue stall. The CD cover was unveiled by Mr. Solaiman, Manager, PR and Communications, Banglalink.  In the second and last day of the event, those who left the audience in frenzy by their awesome performances are, Azam Khan, LRB, Souls, Prometheus, Nemesis and Yatree. At the last phase of the program, Jewel appeared on stage performing LRB track, ‘Cholo Bodle Jai’ who was accompanied by Labik, (Ajob). The event ended as Ayub Bachchu (LRB) played instrumental of national anthem by this guitar.

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