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Take photos on your mobile and earn money from an app

You must have a mobile or smartphone, and day and night are taking pictures of your own, family or nature, sharing social media, familiar people around, getting a lot of like. But know what you can do to get a picture on the cell phone at home if you have a specific app whose name is Streetspotr.

Sooner photographs have been taken by the hands of the hobby, pins in the hands of the pin to pin the pin, and to pinpoint the pinpoint, or to share the likes or comments of the loved ones on Facebook. Take photos now of the app called ‘Streetspotr’. No, Streetspotr will not stop you from sharing on Facebook, you can continue your work as before, in the middle, if there is some extra income pocket money as pocket money, it is bad! It can be eaten fun with friends, its importance can be increased in the chat, or a small sister or small Vita can be given a gift in the morning.

So your photo taken with the Streetspotr App will be reached at the Streetspotr Company’s headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. The employees of the company will examine your photographs by analyzing any advertising agency or buying a home from the home business to tourism industry. There are thousands of clients and different types of clients in the street company companies around the world. Who knows that the picture taken on your hobby goes to a company!

What is a Streetspotr?

Streetspotr is a renowned retail intelligence company in Germany. Real-Time Product Promotion of various companies across the globe whose main work is a promotion. And the company needs a lot of staff for this promotion. But without the appointment of the employee, the company finds staff for themselves through this app. And they sell beautiful and desirable pictures from the photographs taken by the workers, and they share a part of their income with the photo owner. They get such good pictures as well as reduce their costs. You’ll also get a pocket money as a picture in the middle.

Feeling incredible! Then go to their official website, app.streetspotr.com and find out the details from there.

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What pictures?

You can take pictures of spectacular places, pictures of bizarre or crazy people, pictures of shops and jute business, especially the picture that can be used in advertising. The key is to pick up a picture, in most cases, the app will notify you by notification. That means when a particular company needs a photo, they leave a notification on the app and all those who have the app on their mobile can see that notification. According to the company’s need, if you can remove the image then the fee will get more. Anyone else is paid for the maximum 30 days. However, you have to have a PayPal account in order to avail the fee.

Note that the app can be downloaded on any Android phone except for the iPhone. So, download it now and start taking photos. The iPhone App Store for Android and Google Play for Android phones can be down. Share the text and share it with your other friend-friendly and professional photographer or amateur photographer friends.

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