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smartphone virus protection
Smartphone Virus Protection Tools for Android

Smartphone Virus Protection Tools for Android

Nowadays smartphone is a common and one of the most useful device. Now and then it works as a computer. We keep our personal information, documents and files in it. That’s are so valuable. That’s why we have to ensure complete security for our personal need. Antivirus apps will certainly protect your smartphone from all kinds of problems. Without it, your smartphone may be damaged on the attack of virus or hacked your information. There are many kinds of antivirus. But all are not standard quality. In this article, I shall discuss you the smartphone virus protection apps that are all will very necessary for your smartphone. These all are fully free not commercial. By following this instruction, you can protect your smartphone from viruses and ultra-modern dangers.

How does Smartphone Anti-Virus Work?

Antivirus always running background on your device. It’s able to check all files and detect harmful files. It removes all the virus of your device by scanning. If there is a problem with your downloaded files, these apps will detect your misplaced code and notify you. Antivirus also detect the malware which contains in your smartphone and protects your smartphone from malware for the future.

Top 5 Smartphone Virus Protection Apps are Given Bellow:

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security

Image of Avast Mobile Security

As a free app, avast mobile security is a good one. That’s app which provides a wonderful range of tools. Antivirus protection is among of them. It has an extra power for scanning URL for malware. It’s a package containing various extra tools. They are an app locker to PIN protect private apps, Wi-Fi scanning options for improved security and speed, blacklisting problem numbers etc. It’s also able to control your smartphone completely. For a rooted device, you need a tool that can distinct network traffic. In the report of 2017, it’s a popular top-level antivirus tool. It never spreads bad effect on your smartphone and battery life.

Do you want to save your smartphone from malware and other difficult attacks? Then Avast will ensure your full security. It has extra protection on a rooted device, and app locker for protecting pin for your personal apps, wi-fi options for increasing your speed. It helps your smartphone to detect malware from 99.80% up to 100%. All the features are very helpful to protect your smartphone and get extra facilities. So I think, it’s best one for the smart users. Avast is a great smartphone virus protection app.

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

Image of Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

You will get a lot of tools for free from ‘Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus’. By using the tools, you can protect you from phishing website, get a privacy scanner for Facebook. It will remove all the unnecessary background applications as it contains a powerful feature “Just-a-Phone”. But it will not damage your battery power and memory. When you install this app, you can use id 7 days trial for free. After 7 days you will have to buy this at $36 for 1 year. In this trial version, you will find different useful features. Such as malware blocking, anti-theft tools, call filtering, cleaning, app locking etc. If you think, It expensive for you. Then the free version is perfect for you.

It’s able to detect approximately 100% malware. In research, It is proved that it can maintain the smartphone apps properly and it takes only four hours for this activation. For all these reasons, it’s the first choice of all. I think, it never brings anything harmful to your phone and surely provides you better security.

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security

Image of Sophos Mobile Security

A lot of antivirus app that can easily get. But all are not good and not easy to collect good one. Sophos mobile security is a tool that surely gives your smartphone to detect malware scores highest 100%. It has no negative response to your phone. Always ready to assist phone. Privacy and security advice, theft protection, filtering, password protection, more via SMS, supporting the lock, alarm, locate etc are its services.

Also, it has many other features. Such as networking, processing, storage, functioning and battery lasting of your device. It’s an accurately free app that confirms you complete protection of your smartphone and increases your smartphone speed than before. That’s also secure an user from the different task. As a perfect one, it’s the best smartphone virus protection tool. That is why it is well known and chosen by all.

Cheetah Mobile Security Master

Cheetah Mobile Security Master

Image of Cheetah Mobile Security Master

In this year it’s an easy and popular app. It has come with a huge number of programmes. The VPN protection is an important thing for your phone. Its a tool with VPN protection that easily provides a user safely browsing, messaging, and online banking and shopping and manage all kinds of privacy. In a recent report, it has been proved that Cheetah Mobile’s Security Master basically able to score 100% at the time of detecting and 100 percent for malware discovered in the next four weeks.

After installing this app, the speed of your smartphone will be developed and the battery remains like before. You have to follow the privacy policy before downloading this app. Afterall, it’s a widely used app that refers easy and difficult functions.



Image of AVL

Are you searching a good quality antivirus tool? Then AVL is appropriate for you. AVL is a one of the most popular smartphone virus protection tool. It’s able to detect malware and protect your device from all types of problems. It has no side effect on smartphone and battery. It contains other effective feature like anti-theft tools, designed to be fast and efficient, identity protection, special scanning power etc. You will also get more speed on your device that helps you browse the internet and other functions. If you want to take a real one, that’s for you.

How to Protect Your Smartphone Without Antivirus?

I think antivirus is better than all other steps. But if you are not interested in installing this antivirus. Then there is some alternative way. By following these ways, you can keep your smartphone free from various. The information is given below:

  1. Use password or PIN and locked. You can also apply pattern lock, voice lock, figure lock etc.
  2.  Always stay away from harmful websites and degree links. Don’t click on an unexpected email or text message.
  3. If you download apps from third party website, your device is at risk. So download the essential app from your smartphone app store.
  4. Avoid modifying and connecting your smartphone from uncertain wireless networks. Without avoiding this, you will not be able to protect your device.
  5. If you want to save your contacts, documents, calendars, media files, and email attachments etc. For all, you have to encrypt your important files on the phone storage.

In this article I was try to details discuss about top 5 smartphone virus protection tool. If you are benefited by this article, hope it will share with your friends and inspire us. Thanks for staying with us.

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