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How to run computer fast in 3 easy steps

How to run computer fast in three easy steps

Old televisions take more time to take image display. Dial-up modems had the same status. Once, DOS mode computers would take time to get started. But modern Windows computers are running very fast. But if your computer takes several minutes to get started, then take the expert advice to run computer fast.

1. Reduce startup programs:

The time taken to start the computer is because of the slow moving data from the hard drive to RAM. The more information flow, the more time will be needed. If the computer is old, the speed of information flow weakens. So the amount of information to be reduced. The best idea is to reduce the number of startup programs to start the computer. Many computer programs start at the beginning. It needs to be closed. To turn off all programs from the Start-menu and go to Startup from there. Remove programs that are not important and run computer fast.

2. Look at the important program:

There are some programs that are necessary for you to get started first. But there is no need to work on these things. Programs like ‘Startup Delayer’ will start these startup programs one by one. That is, do not start all at once. In this case, a program will not run fast in a different way. But they will be ready for work quickly. However, it should be ensured that the security software is launched first of all.

3. Buy a fast-paced strong hard drive:

The new computer will be running normally naturally Because its new alloys are very fast. If the computer is outdated, please upgrade. As mentioned earlier, the data flow will be slow when the hard drive is slow. So buy a fast hard drive hard drive. SSD hard drives are reliable and fast. But the price is a bit more than the others. Their prices have decreased gradually. If you want to buy a new computer, then try to buy everything the modern model.

If you want to run the old computer, you do not need to shut down. The wrong idea of ​​electricity bill will increase or the computer will be lost, so long ago. Getting started means that the computer is ready for work.

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