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Some known unknown information about 'Talking Tom'

Some known unknown information about ‘Talking Tom’

Thinking of small children was brought to the market by ‘Talking Tom’ However, the fun of this cat is not only for children but also for adults, it is equally popular.

Firstly, ‘Talking Tom’ was brought to the market as the video game. However, its popularity reached the peak after publishing ‘Talking Tom’ as a smartphone app.

But we do not know who is born of this Talking Tome. When it comes to the market as a video game. Let’s know today that all the unknown information.

1. ‘Talking Tom’, the multinational entertainment company ‘Outfit Seven Limited’.

2. In 2010, ‘Talking Tom’ was born.

3. There are 15 apps in the market with ‘Talking Tom’.

4. From 2010 to date, ‘Talking Tom’ has been downloaded at least 300 million times.

5. The addition of ‘Talking Tom’ has added 5 more to his family. These are ‘Talking Angela’, ‘Talking Zinger’, ‘Talking Ben’, ‘Talking Hank’, ‘Talking Pierre’.

6. There are also movies and television series named ‘Talking Tom and Friends’.

7. Toys of ‘Talking Tom’ are also in the market.

8. Talking Tom’s friends – ‘Talking Angela’ – Tom’s girlfriend

‘Talking Zinger’ – Tom’s nephew.

‘Talking Ben’ – two years old brown color and Tom’s friend.

‘Talking Pierre’ – A pigeon and loves to listen to music.

‘Talking Hank’ – The color of blue and white color. Tom’s roommate and Tom’s girlfriend Angela Roll model.

9. YouTube has ‘Talking Tom’ music videos on YouTube.

10. ‘Talking Tom’ has won numerous awards for children’s entertainment and education.


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