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Some important misconceptions about WordPress
Some important misconceptions about WordPress

Some important misconceptions about WordPress

A statistic shows that in credit to 21.2% of the world’s websites use WordPress as their CMS, which has taken them to the peak of popularity. Many people are not familiar with such popularity and many have misconceptions. Generally, these misconceptions are created, based approximately what they have heard from others. In this accomplishment, I have tried to discuss the common misconceptions about WordPress. Make a tidy idea not quite WordPress’s promote for adding users of WordPress.

Wardrobe’s 9 wrong ideas

1. The only blogging tool is the biggest error in it. Yes, in front WordPress started its journey, it started as a blogging platform. Currently, WordPress is a web software that allows you to make any type of website. One out of all 6 websites is created in WordPress, which is not just blog. E-commerce website, corporate website, online news and magazines and around all categories of industries, running websites, nonprofit sites are made in imitation of WordPress.

2. WordPress security system is not mighty WordPress is one of the reasons for popularity because it is faster. Open source software in WordPress, which means that its source code is handy online which can locate research or security loopholes. Disease, malware assertiveness is not just WordPress but it is a common business coarsely speaking the web. WordPress special team always supervises these issues. Using mighty passwords, gone than a few things, WordPress can be made more powerful.

3. E-commerce does not money add-on CMS’s WordPress does not have default shopping cart or payment gateway. But WordPress has many plugins that let you sell digital or real products.

4. The higher of WordPress is unsure WordPress Free, thus there are many misconceptions that WordPress can the direction of view matter from online anytime. WordPress has not been created by any individual, but it is built by a sealed community and professional developers. Thousands of little or omnipotent companies are fighting issue through WordPress. They actively contribute to the WordPress community. Although WordPress is forgiven but WordPress has a million dollar business all year. So it’s not going to go anywhere in WordPress, but its well ahead is rosy

5. Very little bolster for the WordPress is handy. Newcomers think that back WordPress is pardon, as well as no preserve, is needed, there will be no preserve for WordPress or totally few. This is definitely for practicable, but you will acquire delightful come uphill following the maintenance for happening. WordPress documents, retain forums, chat room, online resources, developers, agencies etc. will meet the expense of you gone within satisfactory limits retain.

6.Free is for that excuse low that WordPress has not been created by any individual, but it was created by a community. It is moreover a source, but its coding plenty is the whole high setting. And it’s thus satisfying that Microsoft, Adobe, New York Times, using CNN WordPress.

7. All WordPress sites are in imitation of those created by the same WordPress site, every single one of them is taking into account those of low-grade merchandise WordPress users. See the themes of ThemeForest, studiopress and as a result upon.

8. Most useful for newcomers who realize not know HTML, CSS is useful for them. Not comfortable for whisk level users. WordPress is useful for everyone due to the easy use of WordPress. It is equally nimbly-liked for appendage and experienced people.

9. Look for sites subsequently than TechCrunch, DayxWeb, Wired that are not okay for high-traffic sites. Which is highly adeptly-liked and have been developed using CMS. Hopefully, I could get rid of the incorrect ideas. Let us know if you have any new ideas. We will aspire to control by your idea.


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