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Five Android Store apps
Five Android Store apps

Five Android Store apps | Download Android Apps for Free

For Android, there are several official applications or app stores. These stores can be easily downloaded and used by the app. There are also alternate online sources, of which there is an opportunity to download apps for Android. These are called the Alternative App Store. By using these sources, customers will be able to gain some benefits.

There is no need to create an account for downloading applications from these standalone or alternative App Store. In addition, they provide APIs for application ie application package files. These API files are downloaded to the computer and later it can be transferred to the phone. With this, you can install applications like a demand.

This means that there is no need to connect to the Internet to install these apps. Some app stores will give you a link, which allows you to download application packages directly on the phone.

If you have a cheap android device that is not a brand, then you will not be able to get into Google Play Store. In that case, these alternative app stores may be the only source of your app collection. Here are all popular apps to match. Moreover, there are no apps listed in the official play stores. This article focuses on five popular alternatives App Store, which can be viewed and browsed. There are apps listed in many stores, which are for other platforms. There are some apps that can not be downloaded from non-official or alternative sources. In that case, the location of the official site has been given. The way to avoid the official app store is also provided in some cases.

Opera Mobile Store

If you use the Opera browser on the smartphone, then the Opera Mobile Store icon will be spotted at the Speed Dial panel. It supports all important platforms and has access to more than two hundred countries. Here are free and paid apps.

A ribbon can be seen at the top of the homepage, with tabs on platforms including Android, Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone and HTML. From here select the preferred platform, it can be seen that all types of apps here. There are also arrangements to filter them according to the category. At this stage, when you click on a category, the free and paid apps will be visible by dividing it into separate categories.

After clicking on an app, the summary of the app that will come to the screen and details of what device or device it will need to use. The rating will also be informed. The biggest advantage of the Opera Mobile Store is its flexibility, ie flexibility. Access the store directly from the phone to download the app. Or Useful application package is downloaded and used by computer to transfer them to phones or other devices

Getjars hort

One of the most popular App Store is Gatezer. Here are the apps for Android, Symbian, Blackberry and even iOS. At the beginning you have to select your phone model. In this case only the applications that support compatibles or devices will be displayed.

The list of the latest and most popular apps can be seen on the homepage. You can browse through categories, games, social, productivity, entertainment, finance, food, tools, maps and travel. Each of these categories has been divided into some sub-categories. That’s why it’s easy to find the necessary apps from here. When you click on an app that you need, you can find information about that app.

The likes of it / Dieselike and comments can be understood as the popularity of the app. It is also possible to see exactly how many times the app was downloaded. Clicking on the download will get a code of that app. When you use that code on a phone or tablet, you have to go to the Gatezer mobile site. Use the Quick Download Options. Then the file will be sent to your device. Gadgets can be found in all popular apps. They also have an official app store. The special thing is that app developers themselves upload their apps.


Slidemy is another popular app store for Android. There are free and paid apps in both the systems. Slideshow has extensive apps. These are very popular and available at Play Store. Also developers here upload their invented apps directly. So the differences in the apps are different from the official store here.

On the homepage, apps are listed on the latest, popular and updated basis. When browsing, click the Application tab. The newest app can be found at the same time. It will be as the default setting. Filters can be found on the right side of the page. It can be used by apps and can be sorted based on price, popularity, ratings etc. Below are short options available. Here are the categories of categories in the categories. When you click on an app, you can find ratings and helpful information including helpful notes. Besides, there is a need for a Google account for an app, support for an Android version and so on.

Here you can download an app in two ways. First, click on the download and save the file to the APK. Secondly, scan the QR code with Android device, connect to the site and download the app directly to the device. You can download and download the file where you want to save it. Besides, there is an easy download system for SAM apps browsing with Android phones or tablets.


Nexwa is a multi-platform app store. There are apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Symbian, Javascript, and other systems. Free and paid apps are available here. On the homepage, the apps are arranged according to category basis. The categories include Tools and Productivity, Business, Travel, Music, Themes, Life Style, Books, News, Social Networking and more.

Each category has been re-divided into several sub-categories. Clicking on an app will show you the app’s summary, rating, review and compatibility list. When you click on the download, you will see three options. First of all, the app where you want to download the app will be e-mailed and sent. Secondly, you will be given a link, which allows you to download the app on your phone. Thirdly, you have to scan the dispersion QR code and use the scan to download the app’s apk on the phone. In all, there are many good apps in this store.


Hendango is one of the most popular alternative app stores. It supports Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and Palm OS. Both apps and devices have the advantage of using this app.
List of apps in the four categories given on the left side of the homepage. These are: Features, Free, New and updated. An app can be found by clicking on the details of the app, the rating, the users’ opinions and the competitiveness of it with any device.

The app can be downloaded in two ways. First of all, through e-mails. In this case, a link will be provided in the e-mail and it can be used to download the app. Second, you can download the app’s api on your PC and then install it on the phone. However, all apps will not be able to download the AP.


Apart from these five there are several alternative App Stores, which you can try. These include Play App, Yandex and InsideMarket. Creating opportunities to enter the Amazon App Store soon. It is one of the world’s largest independent app stores. Amazon plans to expand its App Store in several other countries around the world

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