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Facebook marketing

Why do I use Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook, such as magazines, TVs, radio and other media, is a medium that allows you to deliver your advertisement to millions of people in the moment by advertising your company / page / website / product.
Why do you advertise on Facebook?

A few years ago, people did not have enough mobile phones. At least one mobile phone is available in the hands of the rich poor. Nowadays many people understand the meaning of the Internet of Facebook. Thinks Facebook is the Internet The subject may seem ridiculous to the winners. But this is the truth.

You will surely want to add while adding it.

When you advertise your business / product, you should definitely target that specific person. It sure becomes a lot of your attention. And it’s just possible on Facebook. Categories can be shared on Facebook, language, interest, etc. according to everyone’s job. So that you can deliver your ad to your specific customers.

So you can deliver your advertisement to millions of people in the moment by advertising your company / page / website / product.


01. Like Facebook page to grow

0. By increasing the likes, many people will be involved with your page

03. Anyone posted on the page will be able to see the given users

04. Many users will download applications when they advertise the application

05. Many advertisers will participate in the event when the event is advertised

06. Visitors or readers will increase the website if you advertise any news.

What you need to do to add to Facebook:

1. Title to enter will be 25 characters with spaces

2. What you write in body, there will be 90 characters with spaces

3. The picture will be 600 × 225 pixel

4. You can offer up to 6 images for the page’s add

5. You have to say Location, Age, Gender (target audience)

You can take any of the packages mentioned above for promoting your page.

How Facebook Charges

Facebook charges three times in default

1. Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM): Based on the 1,000 impressions of your advertisement, Facebook charges one.

2. Cost per 1000 People Reached: Based on the fact that every 1000 people in your advertisement saw the advertisement, Facebook charges one

3. Cost Per Click (CPC): Facebook charges a charge based on how many people are clicking on your ad or how many likes are coming.

However, if you want to promote Facebook Page, Facebook offers a price rate that is given below for likes

$ 5 = Est 44 – 176 Likes per day

$ 10 = Est 88 – 353 Likes per day

$ 15 = Est 132 – 529 Likes per day

$ 20 = Est 176 – 706 Likes per day

$ 25 = Est 221 – 882 Likes per day

You can add more money if you wish.

You do not have a card. How to Boost?

It’s important to have a MasterCard for Facebook Boost. But there are many formalities to get MasterCard and use of time. I do not have Payoneer cards. But using the gift card, I am boasting on my page. If you do not have a card, you can use another MasterCard. But it is not safe at all. If you want to safely boost, use your card, or use gift cards. Gift Card is the safest and easiest to use.

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