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Expert answers to some technical questions

Expert answers to some technical questions

We are searching on the Internet, especially on Google. In this case, some questions are asked on the subject.

But how can these questions be easy to ask and answer? It is discussed below:

1. I have to do Google search for details. How can I reduce the results of the search?

Answer: The contents of the search can be specified in many ways. Again, there are many different information related to the subject but it does not. Except for them you want specific information.

In this case, use the minus sign (-) of math. Like dogs want to know about. But not seeking any information about buying or selling. In this case, write ‘puppies -sales’ in English.

Google will not provide any information regarding the purchase and sale of dogs in the results.

2. My computer takes a lot of time to start. How fast can it be?

Answer: Actually the computer comes with a bit slow on time. However, some speeds can be added to it. The first task will be to use a program like ‘Autoran’.

The number of programs that are introduced with the computer can be reduced. Many programs do not need to be started simultaneously. Initially this is a computer that will run faster than ever before.

3. Take a lot of money from my mobile. What can I do?

Answer: The intelligent task is to contact the operator. Maybe they have taken such services in a long time, which is no longer needed. I do not even remember to stop it. Turn them off. The operators will be able to tell what is being charged in the sector. Take a look at this.

4. When chatting or messaging with friends they just write down the initials of the word. I do not understand them. Is there a list of these traditional acronyms?

Answer: You can make a list on Facebook with the meaning of the shortened words. If you do not understand first, ask the sender what does this mean. Then tweak it.

5. There was a lot of junk in the computer. How to clean them?

Answer: There are many utilities to remove junk of the computer. For example, ‘PC DeckPopifier’ can say that you want release from a program. In addition, the ‘sicliner’ removes unnecessary files on the computer. The computer will be cleaned by their use.

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