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How to delete facebook search history

How to delete facebook search history

Finding information is also done through the Facebook search option. This option has the top social media interface on the left side. However, if you use this option, its history goes away.

Based on user search, after looking for something, it shows in the form of Facebook Suggestions. Sometimes the suggestions that the search opens may be annoying or may not be found.

Apart from this, Facebook may also need to delete Search History for personal privacy and security. In this tutorial, how to delete the history of how to delete the history.

For this, first go to “Activity Log” from the Facebook menu.

Then there will be a new page open. Click on “more” from the sidebar on the left side of it.

Then click on the search option that will appear. Then what will be the subject of search on the subject. If you want to delete one by one.

You can also delete the entire history at the same time. To do this, click on the “clear searches” at the top. Then delete all the history.


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