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How to change Google keyboard theme easily
How to change Google keyboard theme easily

How to change Google Keyboard theme easily

Currently Android smartphones users are probably the largest in number and day by day this number is increasingly increasing. However, today’s number of Android users not to write today, but today’s topic is a very small topic! Today i will teach you how to change Google keyboard theme very easily. If I ask you what is the use of most of us on Android, then what will be your answer? Interestingly, though, we all use a lot of keyboards on our smartphones too much! Why not do it, without the keyboard, Android or any operating system smartphone is almost impossible to use! However, if you have more questions about this keyboard, you can find that many keyboards are available for play-store, but why?

We do not want to use any such keyboard to look rotten. That’s why finding the Play Store will allow you to look at the themes of various types of keyboards that have largely been focused. But even then, by spreading so many excellent keyboards, the Google Keyboard was able to gain the greatest popularity, because Google always brought their products to the users by making them simple, minimal, and excellent. However, many may regret that everything on the Google Keyboard is good, if only there were some themes !! The interesting thing is, there are some themes on the Google Keyboard too! The numbers are a little less, but these themes are enough!

So let’s start how to change Google keyboard theme easily:

If you have used the latest version of the Google Keyboard then you do not have to worry about getting access to its settings menu because the settings menu is still the same as before. To access the settings menu on the Google Keyboard, you need to tap and hold its comma button. Then you will see a pop-up window between the screen where you can see the Google Keyboard Settings text. Tap on Google Keyboard Settings.


After tapping on Google Keyboard Settings, you will see a menu where you will need to tap the “Theme” option.

How to change Google Keyboard theme easily

In the Theme menu you will see the Themes. Whenever you select a theme, the selection box will be Dispair. Diameter, your Google Keyboard theme has changed. But you can do a little bit more customization if you want. Many users complained about the Google Keyboard, which is why there is no Separation between its keys! So if you want, with the Show key border option below the theme options, you can now create borders in the keys! Like you like it !!

If you follow this rule, you can easily change Google keyboard theme. Thanks.

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