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Can Radiation Emanating from the Smartphone Cause your Cancer or any Harm

Friends, all of you have ever had this question ever, that using smartphones can lead to cancer? The question is quite normal to remember. The Kenona smartphone works on the basis of a wireless technology and smartphone electromagnetic waves. So in this situation, you must know that really smartphones can cause cancer. Keep reading this article today, and I’m going to answer your question today.

Does smartphone radiation cause cancer?

We have been studying various subjects for a long time on whether this is cancer from a smartphone. In this situation, a normal user comes out of a term, and that is the radiation. To listen to the name of radiation, a normal user is often obsessed, who knows what kind of radiation, what type of wave, who knows how to become mobile to use the cell phone. Keep a note in this situation. See yeah, it is possible that radiation can be cancerous, but not all forms of radiation cause cancer. And due to radiation emitted from the smartphone, there is no possibility of cancer.

Radio Frequency Waves is used on mobile phones. And Radio Frequency Waves has much low energy. Your mobile operators use 700 megahits or 800 MHz or 2000 megahits or other separate alarms for their networks, all of which are on Radio Frequency Waves. And this radio frequency wage does not have the power that can damage any part of your body.

Radiation is mainly of 2 types. Non-ionizing Radiation and Ionizing Radiation. Non-ionizing radiation is fewer frequencies and fewer frequencies mean less energy. But the frequency of radiation increases as much as it gets full of energy and high-frequency radiation is called ionizing radiation. In the above picture, you can see that power lines, radios, and cell phones, microwaves etc. are included in non-agonizing radiation. That is, these less power is complete and absolutely not harmful to you. The harmful radiation starts from Ultra-Violet Rays. And the X-ray or gamma ray on it is very harmful to our body. But why are they so harmful? Let’s take some knowledge about this.

See, if any excessive power is completely removed from any source on any atom, then due to high power, some electrons can be fired from that atom. Because of the electron fusion, the atom becomes ionize. And there is the ionizing capability in those waves. And this ionizing capability starts from ultra-violet rays and its higher high-frequency radiation. And for this we have said that ultra-violet rays coming out of the sun’s light can cause our skin cancer, ultraviolet rays may cause eye problems.

But there is no possibility of any damage from radiation below it, such as radios and cell phones, microwaves etc., far and wide. So one thing is clear here that you will not have any type of damage from your mobile phone. If you have a headache to use your phone, it is probably not on your phone but for some other reason. Or if you have any type of illness, (God keep you healthy.) So your phone is not responsible for it.

Another thing is that friends, many anti-radiation chips are available in the market to buy. Those who say that it will reduce your phone’s radiation due to your phone’s back. Actually, these chips are absolutely stupid. This is absolutely not your purchase. The first thing to do in Kenana is that you do not have any problems with the radiation of the phone. And secondly, if you think that phone radiation can be a problem, then only it will not be able to prevent any chip. Radiation levels may increase further due to the chip. So do not buy all these chips at all. Do the same as you are using your phone, it will not be any kind of disease disorder.

Every research that has been done till date has been studied, it has finally said that there is no risk to any type of mobile phone. In addition to mobile phones, if we talk about Bluetooth or microwave with WiFi, then this technology does not harm you at all. Many people have forgotten a lot of fears about WiFi. Many people say that using WiFi is harmful because it uses very high energy. Gigahertz! Using WiFi Gigahertz Frequency Gigaahhar means billions of times in 1 second. So many people think that it can harm your body if it is near the WiFi signal. Before you make such a ray, know that the WiFi is a non-ionizing radiation. There’s a lot more than your WiFi, there’s a radiation of more than a dozen bulbs in your home’s bulb. So if you are not worried about the radiation of the bulb, then why are you thinking about the WiFi radiation? Did you know that Tahahharaj Frequency is in general light? Thousands more than WiFi Frequency.

Last Word:
The last thing is that you use your phone for 1 hour and 10 hours, you will never have any problems. Cancer is a long way to go. Use WiFi for the whole day and share the internet and data as much as you want, never will be a problem. It is a matter of fact that I am not able to understand it, and it has been certified by the fact that non-ionizing radiation is not possible to harm your body. I hope you enjoyed this post today, and perhaps you were able to remove the ushanka sitting in your mind. In my opinion, it was a very important discussion, so please share the post with everyone. And please comment on any question or opinion.

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