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Blog Submission Sites
Top 25 Blog Submission Sites with Good Domain Authority

Top 25 Blog Submission Sites with Good Domain Authority

Do you immediately need the most top DA(Domain Authority) blog submission sites to get more quality links you’re in the right position? There is no blogger who doesn’t want enough links, enough traffic, and enough sals. But most of the people don’t know how to take the tight efforts to develop their SEO.

At the time of blogging, you will have automatically known SEO is a resource that contains all kinds of important links. Authority sites get a lot of links for the toughest keywords from other sites, that is why authority sites rank higher in Google.

The sites which have a lot of quality links are mostly rewarded results by Google. I’m going to sharing a good news for you if you are looking for an effective way to build high-quality links for your blog.

Have to look, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a resource which helps one’s to get the quick result. A better SEO is equally important for boost your traffic and overall your product’s sales.

For your kind information, I’m also discussing top blog submission sites. after analysis this article you can easily build quality links for your blog site.

What Are Blog Submission or Blog Directories Sites?

Blog Submission is a site where you can submit your site for backlinks so you gain more exposure. At present, there are many blog submission sites. But the majority of them are not active. There is also a great problem that some have no good domain authority. So you should not submit your blog site that kind of blog submission sites to protect your site from Google penalty.

Here is the list of 25 blog submission sites with the good domain authority of over 40. By following the links you can easily submit your blog for free and build more quality links.

What do You Submit Your Blog Site for?

Do you have any doubt to spent time on submitting your blog on the blog submission sites? Then you must follow me. Here is the list of interesting blog submission site for you. The list is in the bellow.

Increase Domain Authority: Blog directories have perfect quality links and you will have a good DA(Domain Authority) with quality backlinks. It’s a matter of questions that why will someone use this blog? I think it is better than most other domains and anyone can use it undoubtfully safely.

Backlinks: you will have known that Google rank depends on SEO. with the help of this blog submission link you can easily build links that help you to get rank higher in Google search results.

Increase Exposure: You will find a lot of exposure and traffic when you submit a blog on this best blog directories. If you are a blogger, you will have been informed that a large number of blogger generally use blog directories to find content online. Alter all you will be highly benefitted by using this blog submission sites.

Do you Think Blog Submission Sites are Still Matter?

Yes, I think blog submission sites always need to develop your blog’s exposure. If you submit your blog on good domain authority blog directories, you can be benefited to boost your link authority by it.

N.B: Here has been included top links that help someone to get enough traffic. Both systems are here. You can take after your choice. Some are paid and some for free.

Let’s go for Elaborately Discussion:

Top blog submission sites are below.  If you want to improve your site, then you need to take the help of this article. Have a look!

1. Alltop (DA Is 81)

Usually, we want to get more exposure and traffic for developing our sits. Then I have a good suggestion for all the users that you can use Alltop. In this site, you will find many valuable blogs which build by the social media expert “Guy Kawasaki”. It is not a niche dependent blog site. You can submit your blog very easily for free.

Here is the clear discussion on every topic. Forgetting enough traffic to your sites, you have to emphasize to make headlines. That’s all hare.

2. Blog Digger (DA Is 77)

Blog digger is a recent sharing marketing articles, recent news, press releases, interviews etc. It is also an effective blog submission site. You will be perfectly realized when you get its magic result.

3. Scrub The Web (DA 74)

Scrub The Web is spatially used for do follow links. It has da DA 74. If you want to get do follow links you have to pay $8 for 1 year. Though it’s an old blog submission sites, it is the most top for all time. It started activists in 1996.

4. Blog Flux (DA Is 74)

It’s a great combination of all kinds of features. A user can get most amazing blogs for his site including 150,000 blogs.

5. Blogarama (DA Is 73)

Blogarama is a blog submission sites where almost 100,000 users have been registered. It is not only a top blog submission sites but also an old and standard blog submission site.

6. Blog Top List (DA Is 73)

When you search in the google, you will not probably find a top blog like this submission site. With the help of the submission site, you can get a large number of readers and develop your blog exposure that surely reaches you at the top level of google search.

7. Boing Boing (DA 92)

Boing Boing bears odd and amazing name including good qualities. It’s a site of a group of DA 92. So you can try it for use.

8. On Top List (DA Is 73)

It’s someone want to get a technology related blog, he has to take the help of this blog submission site. It also contains business pages globally.

9. Blog Adda (DA Is 67)

Upgrading users are always interested in latest something. In this site, most of the information has been collected from Indian blog sites. This blog will assist you to get more exposure.

10. Entire Web (DA 65)

Entire Web is worldwide submission site where over 3.5 million people are involved. It’s a free blog site. Here your site will be gotten at the best level search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other top search engines.

11. Sonic Run (DA 62)

Sonic Run is another popular free blog submission sites. Gallery most of the users professionally use it. Sonic Run current domain authority is 62. It will help every blogger to get powerful backlinks.

12. Blog Hub (DA Is 62)

All types of bloggers are equally granted to this blog submission site. So if you are a blogger, you will easily take their helo for service.

13. So Much (DA 60)

So Much is a good DA blog submission site with the friendly free directory. It’s one of the best using random blog submission site. With the help of this, a user can get the best-edited links sorted by topic and category.

14. Blogs Collection (DA Is 59)

Blogs Collection is not the latest blog submission. It has started over 9 yeard age. It has a great demand because there is distinct news article of the world. Nowadays it’s a very popular blog submission site.

15. Bloggapedia (DA Is 59)

Bloggapedia is a paid blog submission site. But you can be highly benefitted by getting automatically pulls your RSS feed and shows your content that helps to publish a new blog.

16. Blog Listing (DA Is 59)

Blog Listing is a high power domain authority of 59. If someone wants to take enough traffic, he must follow this blog submission site.

17. Blog Hints (DA Is 57)

There are different types of blog submission site, but all are not effective for your site. For high-quality backlinks and more exposure, not only I but also greatest specialist will suggest you Blog Hints which was created 2006.

18. Blog Engage (DA Is 56)

Blog Engage is a free submission site where all types of blogger, marketer, and promoter submit their blog. As a result, it can be considered as a great blog directory site.

19. Indiblogger.In (DA Is 55)

If you are an Indian blogger, you can choice Indiblogger.In for your blog. It’s a popular and an easy blog submission site for the Indians. For your kind information, you will find a lot of Indian blogger with various blogging topics.

20. Blogging Fusion (DA Is 54)

Blogging Fusion is a paid blog submission site but there is an alternative way to use it for free. For this you have to add their link to your site then your site will be prepared.

21. Blog Ville (DA Is 49)

Blog Ville is a free blog submission site here niche is not an important matter. It’s also a manual blog approving directory site.

22. Blog Directory (DA Is 48)

If a blogger submits his blog for free, He/she can undoubtfully use this blog directory sites. There is a great facility of this blog that it shows various blogs periodically. It will also increase your content exposure.

23. Fuel My Blog (DA Is 47)

Fuel My Blog is a free submitting blog. Its other features are finding an image and interesting blogs. It’s also a powerful blog submission site that gives a user difficult blogs easily.

24. blog directory.Co (DA Is 41)

I will introduce you to an amazing blog submission site. It’s common but very popular. That’s BlogDirectory.Co. By using this site you can add and update your article with new blog posts. It contains RSS feed and refers you valuable information.

25. Bloggeries

At present, Bloggeries has also a great demand for search engine directories and blogger forums. It will incase traffic and more exposer for your blog site that helpful for SEO ranking. There is also an advantage of this blog which is the need for high power backlinks.

Quick note: After analyzing the topics we can easily realize that all the domain here is 40+. Its count system is monthly and its ranking depends on the quality and properly. Getting the top level of SEO, you must use this. Moreover, it needs to get high-quality links from top DA sites.

Are Blog Submission Sites Related with Time and Money?

Yes, blog submission sites are well related with time and property. Now I want to share important information for your quick comprehension. The information is given below.

Top Level DA: Top level DA sites is helpful for your blog site. Here you will be informed that it contains a DA more than 40+. Including improve your SEO ranking.
Cost Free: Using the sites, you need not spend money. Because the blog submission sites are mostly free.
Quick Crawling: These blog submission sites will go you crawl your site on search engine. It is really helpful for your SEO.

Do you Think Blog Submission Sites are Actually Valuable?

With the help of above discussion, you have already found out many many valuable blog submission sites for proper SEO. There you will find both types of sites to submit your blog. Some are paid site and some are free.

Last Discussion About The Best Free Blog Submission Sites:

I’ve narrated the full description of blog submission sites in the article. In briefly it’s a good domain authority sites and also very helpful for boosting, the searching result good links, more traffic or exposure. Hopefully, you will visit this blog submission sites to develop your SEO properly.

Whats your opinions on this blog submission sites? Do not forget share this article. If you have any questions about this article, you will kindly inform me with a comment. Thanks for staying with us.

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