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best mailchimp template
Top 15 Best MailChimp Template list for your Business Newsletter

Top 15 Best MailChimp Template list for your Business Newsletter

People love MailChimp because of its easy-to-use utility and beautiful designs. But the main problem is that it will be difficult to use your own customized template MailChimp if it is not specifically optimized for MailChimp. Because of this, you need to choose either interface to MailChimp or face any bitter experience. Otherwise, you should choose an acceptable template. Fortunately, we’ve updated the best Mailchimp template list using which you can create newsletters using Easy, Drag and Drop without leaving the style of the choice.

Best Mailchimp Template list:

Here’s a complete list, updated with new and best examples. Finally, some helpful tips have been provided about how to use them.

1. Christmas

best mailchimp template

Image of the Christmas MailChimp Template

Want to come up with a few festive celebrations in an email, can you? Of course, because Christmas is a well-documented, elegant, e-mail template, which is a festive, festive occasion. The traditionally animated snowstorm gives different looks in a title. I think Christmas is the best MailChimp template of all.

Christmas includes Kbuilder 2.0 and four templates for various formats.

2. Magma

best mailchimp template

Image of the Magma Email Template

Magma is a modern and clean template set that has 35 modules including drugs and drops. This flat design creates a very simple and elegant email with lots of gaps (ideal for those who love the minimal design). It includes some new modules including “Specs”, “Reviews”, “Blog”, and “Partners”.

3. Litta

best mailchimp template

Image of the Litta MailChimp Template

Litta has a minimalist design with a clean email template. It’s appropriate for different types of email marketing organization. It’s a fear and responsive MailChimp template would be perfectly what you were searching. Let’s try it!

4. Multimail

best mailchimp template

Image of the Multimail MailChimp Template

Multimail is the best selling email template set in the past year. Because there are more than 10 standard multi-purpose email templates for its many uses. It is in line with MailChimp and other popular email marketing providers.

But if this is not enough, then there are more than 179 modules that can be done with a lot of things – of course, which will help you to dump into numerous email crowds.

5. Kent

best mailchimp template

Image of the Kent MailChimp Template

Kent has more than 50 drag and drops modules. At the same time, flat features, in line with contemporary design. The ideal and perfect choice for agency, e-commerce and other technology businesses.

If you were looking for customizable templates, but Kent is a perfect choice. Its templates are made with standard HTML (without pre-formatting tags for MailChimp), so you can easily edit before sending an e-mail.

6. Emailio

best mailchimp template

Image of the Emailio MailChimp Template

There are more than ten templates in Emailio, which are made up of more than 60 different modules. In addition to the general email template, e-mails have a different template for marital, restaurants, new product marketing and real estate. Emailio is the best MailChimp template.

Emailio is also working with the Outlook (2016) version which is notorious for creating a problem with many pre-built email newsletters.

07. Moka

best mailchimp template

Image of the Moka MailChimp Template

Moka is a traditional business-based email template that, at a glance, is unique to describing your services, highlighting party members and even highlighting certain products.

In Moksha, there is an unlimited selection of colors and diverse features in line with the brand identity of your particular company.

8. Supra

best mailchimp template

Image of the Supra MailChimp Template

There are quite a few 20 email templates to choose from. This is one of the options for those who want customized pre-built templates.

Along with standard business and product-based templates, there is a well-established template for non-profit organizations, entrepreneur-investing, regulars and other receipts. This template is the best MailChimp template.

9. inCor

best mailchimp template

Image of the inCorp MailChimp Template

The overall image of the Incorporation is very tidy, sharp and very systematic. If you want to contact professionalism and transparency, then this template can be ideal for your email campaign.

Though initially released in November 2016, Incorporated has proposed new updates and new templates with each update.

10. Deso

est mailchimp template

Image of the Deso MailChimp Template

Des0 is another template for business purpose. Those who have made Moca (above 5) have made Des0 too.

Easy-to-use online editor modules work as a bridge to drag, which allows you to work very easily on your preferred layout. And because of the ready design, you can easily change the basement (colors and contents). This will not damage your email design at all. Deso is one of the best MailChimp template.

11. Atellar

best mailchimp template

Image of the Atellar MailChimp Template

Atellar is a contemporary business template that is compatible with Stampede Builder. And can do great editing.

It is a great job for companies and technology companies. There are many unique modules designs, including the chart bar and the product price table at Atellar.

12. Fashion & Ecommerce

best mailchimp template

Image of the Fashion & Ecommerce MailChimp Template

Not very hot If you have found a mature and exquisite aesthetic design for selling your product or service, do not look back again. This template does not give only 59 different modules to create your campaign or campaign. If you add the author’s email list at the same time each month you will get a free UncoRemplate template.

13. Breathe

best mailchimp template

Image of the Breathe MailChimp Template

Breathe Business offers short but modern email designs that can be used in the marketing of various traditional industries.

This template has different modules for portfolios, where you can display your latest and beautiful works. A “Skills” or “Skills” section where you can present services. And a client section on Light Background where your client or customer’s assessment of the quality and quality of your services is highlighted. No doubt, all these things are enough to make your newsletter unique.

14. Uxmill

best mailchimp template

Image of the Uxmill MailChimp Template

There is a stylish newsletter for different organizations, clear lines and great default styling in the Voximele. At the same time, you can make any changes and edits in the design. Compatible with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, StampReady. Simultaneously, it is also compatible with common HTML templates that can create and run campaigns very quickly.

15. Anne

best mailchimp template

Image of the Anne MailChimp Template

Prior to the end, Anne is a little different, powerful aesthetic and a bit of a bold and influential design template. Anne is the best MailChimp template of 2016. There are several Google Fonts used here that cannot work on several email clients, but above all, it can be assumed that this is not a big problem.

3 Types of Emails You Should Send (Along with regular newsletters)

Emails sent from Facebook or a Twitter message are five times higher. And they always bring more effective results than social media (and from all other means).

You may already be familiar with sending standard electronic newsletters. Emails are sent once or twice a week (or month) in case of general audiences. It works, but only in one.

If you have only sent a weekly or monthly newsletter, then you leave the money on the table. According to a research by market research firm Gartner, the message sent to different conditions or events is capable of bringing 600% good results.

By adding these templates to your email marketing workflow, you can do a lot of work in a little less effort. Because you can automatically run these messages automatically if you want. Just make a beautiful way, then set them up on autopilot.

Here are a few examples of how many campaigns can be sent (and goes) in one week.

A. Welcome email

These emails are sent to the general initial email, to be known to new people and to build the basis of belief. After new acquaintance, they usually recognize you after 7 times email. So get acquainted with them as soon as possible via a welcome email if they are new subscribers or acquaintances.

B. Email after sale

It is undoubtedly a smart move to remind the new customer or client to send their email and remind them what to do next.

But these are very powerful ways to create loyalty and assure the customer about the product.

After purchase, sending an email, the customer is interested in raising interest in the product and interested in buying new products. He also encourages his friends, family, and colleagues to become interested in this.

C. Email to old customer

We all lost clients or customers at a particular time. Unfortunately, this is the truth.

Hopefully, you do not have to tie the whole relationship. Rather, you can bring back lost customers by sending an email to the new and old offers.

Choose a MailChimp template now from this best MailChimp template list! MailChimp is the most common email marketing service to use. But when you go to upload a pre-made template, which is not specifically designed for MailChimp, the problem will arise only.

It is very difficult to re-edit and create a copy. Compatibility with Gmail or Outlook is like a nightmare. Even they are not responsive to mobile.

Fortunately, all of the MailChimp email templates recorded here are compatible with MailChimp, easy-to-use, drag and drop modules. Browse today and choose the perfect and preferred template for your business.

These templates will work without leaving any kind of aesthetics and looks. So show your e-mail newsletter as you would like to see, just like it will show. Start browsing today and choose the perfect template for your business.

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