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backup all files and software in Windows 10

How to backup all files and software in Windows 10? And to recover it?

Many of those who use Windows 10 may have long wanted to backup your Windows and files but you can not do it properly. So I will show this tune how to keep files and windows backup to Windows 10 operating system.

Many times our windows can crash due to various reasons. Or for other reasons our windows may be lost At that time we gave Windows again. It is seen that we can not get many files in the previous windows. Because they have been deleted with the previous Windows. To avoid such problems, we should keep a computer backup at the right time.

Good luck to those who use Windows 10, because there are many features to backup Windows 10 system. We can easily backup Windows using them. Windows Recovery Options can be restored to Windows. Again the whole computer can be reset. What is the backup tool inside Windows?

Built-in Windows Backup Tools

Most of the time, normal users do not backup Windows. As a result they have to wear different problems. In this tune I will discuss almost all the ways to backup Windows 10. So hopefully you can wear the whole tune. I have said earlier that there are many backup tools in Windows built-in. Which we will use. You can do this backup work by using various paid software. However, I will use the free features of Windows.

File history

This feature is first seen in Windows 8. This feature is a wonderful backup of Windows. However, with this option you can not keep a full backup of your system. However, you can keep regular backups of certain folders. You need to use a different hard disk. Find out the file history from the Windows Search bar and open it and you will see the following.

backup all files and software in Windows 10

After that click on the “Add a drive” option and select your additional hard disk. Then click on the “More Options” button below to get the option of many files, from which you want to backup the files and delete the rest.

By default, this backup system keeps a backup of important files on your computer. But you can make changes in your own way. You can get your files back from where you backed up whenever you want.

backup all files and software in Windows 10

Backup and Restore

Windows 7 has a very important feature of Windows 7. That’s the backup feature of Windows 7. Those who have already used this feature can do the same. With this backup and restore option you can backup your Windows 10. For this, you will have to search from the Windows Control Panel and get “Backup and Restore”.

backup all files and software in Windows 10backup all files and software in Windows 10

Using Backup and Restore option to backup Windows is a lot easier. Because you have to fix a hard disk for this. But keep in mind that do not select the hard disk that is installed on your hard disk. If your hard disk crashes then your backup will go with him.

How to backup Windows system images?

If your Windows system is broken for any reason after you back up the system, then only your Windows will be restored. And in this backup, you get exactly the same way that you installed all your software. So this tool is a lot of choice. This backup process takes a lot of time, with many advantages and it will take a lot of time to restore Windows. So it is time to do this thing with hands.

And to keep this backup, you need a much larger size hard disk. Because all the software and personal file size is much more. And if you use Windows 10, I do not think you need to backup your Windows image. Because you can always backup all the files. So how do you backup Windows all up to you?

You can also find this option in “Backup and Restore”. I have already said that the control panel has to go from here. After going to the “Backup and Restore” settings, you will need to click on the “Create a system image” text on the left side below. This tool works most to keep Windows backed up. Because it can keep all the files, software data, whole Windows backups on the disk you have installed on Windows. However, it will be backed up to a hard disk that has a lot of space left.

backup all files and software in Windows 10

After that you will be asked to select a hard disk. Select the hard disk on which you have more space. Even then, the job is much easier if you used before, then you will not have any problems.


Those who use Windows 10 are all familiar with OneDrive. Although it is not a backup system. But you can easily backup your important data online if you want. If you have a Microsoft account, you will get 5 GB OneDrive storage space online.

You can use it. If you use Windows 10, the OneDrive software is built-in to your Windows. And if you use Windows 7, you have to download the software.

backup all files and software in Windows 10

Built-in Windows Recovery Tools

There are many ways to backup Windows as well as there are many tools in Windows to recover.

System Restore

You can also use the System Restore feature when there is a problem with Windows that it is no longer fixed. Although a file for system restore is created every week by default on Windows. Call it a system restore point. You can restore the system from here if you wish. Windows will create a system restore point when it gets updated again.

As a result, Windows may be OK again if there is no damage to Windows. However, you can create such a restore point yourself. For this, you will have to search by typing “Create a restore point” in the Windows Search bar. Then you will get the tool. After that, you can create system restore points by clicking on the “create” button.

backup all files and software in Windows 10

Advanced Startup Options


You can see this startup option if your computer is not open properly or there is a problem with the computer boot. From here you can fix various problems with Windows. But you have to know about this. But you can also go to this startup options manually.

For this, you need to find the “Recovery” option in Windows Settings. Then see if there is an option named “Restart Now” then Windows Restart will take you to the Startup Options.

backup all files and software in Windows 10


Recovery Drive Creator

Recovery Drive Creator


This is a feature of many things in Windows. With this, you can create a recovery drive. With this you can fix any problems in Windows. You can even restart Windows. The search tool will be available in Windows Search Bar.

Reset This PC

backup all files and software in Windows 10

It’s a lot of trouble when you want to re-install Windows on your computer. So you can easily reset Windows to PC using a default feature of Windows. For this, you have to select the “Reset your pc” option from the “Recovery” option in Windows Settings. After that, if you keep all your files, then click on the “keep my files” option and if you want to delete all the foul, then select the option below.


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