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why is antivirus important
Why is Antivirus Important for Your Computer

Why is Antivirus Important for Your Computer

Using a computer to face the virus has become an inevitable issue. Thousands of viruses are roaming in the infinite world of Internet Every security firm on computer and network is talking about computers to use anti-virus as a preventive and antidote to save thousands of malware, adware, Trojan horses.

But the question is, is there a saying like ‘Resistance is better than remedy’ in the human form, so does the same thing about computers? Is it possible to keep the computer safe without antivirus, as we can be healthy even without taking medicines? This is the main feature of this year.

Many do not like antivirus. There are also reasonable reasons for not liking it. The biggest allegation against antivirus is that it reduces the speed of the computer. Virus alerts without reason, and do not reduce the annoyance with repeated status pop-ups. Also, antivirus software costs money to buy bunds. Even with a new update every year, a lot of money goes out for a license fee.

But is it possible to keep the computer safe without antivirus? The answer is yes, it is possible. It is possible to keep the computer safe without antivirus while being ‘aware’.

now again the question arises, what is the meaning of this awareness? Experts say that, without the hassle of antivirus, the computer has to make some safe computing habits to stay away from the virus. Let’s not know the details of these things.

Why is Antivirus Important for Your Computer

Virus vs. Antivirus

Virus vs. Antivirus

Image of Virus vs. Antivirus

A virus is basically a type of program that automatically spreads itself and is harmful to the computer without user’s eyes. On the other hand, anti-virus is a type of software that closes and disables all types of viruses. Even though the virus is not seen as a big problem in the computer game, it is a terrible problem for those who do important work on computers, networks, and people who need them.

Every day, many types of small and big harmful viruses are roaming on the Internet. According to AVG, an antivirus manufacturer, adding 20,000 to 30,000 viruses per day on the Internet. These viruses can remove the necessary files from the PC, the operating system of the PC will start to crash from the whole hard disk. On the other hand, in this vast world of antivirus virus your guardian guard.

Awareness About Downloads


Image of Download

If someone only uses commercial software and does not install software downloaded from the Internet, then there is less fear of the virus. A virus can be detected by installing a program downloaded from the Internet with a friend. And viruses spread on other computers, such as floppy, CD ROMs, separate hard drives, and especially pen drives. And if they are not done, the virus is open to attack only through the website and e-mail. And the problem of antivirus problem is that the issue of common senses is important to keep the virus-free.

On the other hand, if you add to the free download from the Internet, the percentage of the virus will be affected. They are attracted to various lucrative and flashy advertisements and they are ruined. The sharing and warpage sites that require a free download of commercial software or antivirus are actually viruses in software masks. Also, various porn sites and malware-based unknown sites are also viral mines. There are no alternatives to installing an antivirus if they are habitual practice. Those who do not go to these sites will be able to stay safe without antivirus only if they adopt a few approaches.

Pop Up Remover

‘Popup’ is one of the most annoying topics in Internet browsing. When browsing a webpage carefully, some pages without undesired addresses frequently interrupt normal tasks, as well as advertisements, show some products or a lottery. Most of these cases are fake sites. To get a popup-free PC, you must install popup protection software. Mozilla Firefox is the only way to block pop-ups with several browsers. In addition to this, the popup protection toolbar can be downloaded from the Internet. In this case, Google’s free toolbar can be a good solution for any user.

Browser Upgrades


Image of Browsers

Most of today’s browsers have security controls. These browsers automatically prevent virus attacks when downloading them. Adding various antivirus tools, these browsers prevent itself from entering many viruses. For this reason, the virus attack rate is very low in the browser.

Therefore it is better to use the latest version of the browser to avoid antivirus software hassle. In this case, you can also update the browser using Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Even if you ever want to open a harmful site, knowingly, many web browsers will warn before it is shown on the screen. The McAfee Site Advisor Tool can be used to experience more security while surfing. This tool shows small site rating icons with search results. And adds a new browser button and optional search box options to the browser. These two options work well together. Warns before entering a dangerous site.

Mail Cleaned

Common virus warnings can be caused by email viruses. These emails can carry the virus and go wrong. A small virus can enter the computer. There are no instructions in the mail that will follow the terrible computer virus.

Spam is an important email. And these emails come in the disguise of the virus. That is why it is better to delete the unnecessary or unknown sender’s mail rather than delete it. Enforce the mail guard’s spam guard protection. There is a lot of protection in it. This opportunity is available in many web mailings including Yahoo, MSN. Without hesitation, shake the curiosity to open the bulk mailer. Once spam is spread in the PC, it can take a horrible look. Avoid sending e-mail addresses to any site to avoid any unwanted mail.

There is also one more way to add security level to mail. The email program needs to be configured for this. Incoming messages can be seen in the form of plain text. By doing so, the graphics display will be closed, so when the click is done the virus program will not work.


They damage the PC in many ways. For example, starting from cracking all the data on the hard disk with operating systems, your computer control or data stealing can be organized from a distance. Many of us do not know about spyware. They are mainly spread with web pages on the PC. You can collect spyware remover from the Microsoft Corporation website. Also, collect complete spyware remover software from Download.com and install it weekly. File or program errors can also be cured after scanning.

Periodic Scan

If you want to run a PC without antivirus, it may be necessary to periodically scan for viruses. And sometimes it is safe to scan viruses in search of computers. In addition to installing any software, it is possible to use a free virus scanner to scan this periodic. Such online free scanners can be found on many websites, but these three sites are reliable. www.eset.com, onlinescan.avast.com, and housecall.trendmicro.com.

These online scanners have the opportunity to scan the system without installing any antivirus package.

Security Applications

Security applications can be used if the free scanner of a site is not used or there is an objection to receiving antivirus. These security applications can detect any risk or threat to the PC. The cost of this security application is much less than antivirus.

If there is any mistake in this article, then let me know in the comments. Share if you like. Thanks for staying with us.

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