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Top 6 Ad Network Website Like Google Adsense

Top 6 Ad Network Website Like Google Adsense

Best wishes to all Many people are eager or curious to see the title of the post, how to pick another site as a Google Adsense breakdown. There are many people, especially those young bloggers or visitors who do not understand how to accept ads as an alternative to AdSense or what benefits. To understand them easily today’s post. But at the beginning of the post-main discussion, I would like to talk about how to work with Google AdSense, how to get Google Adsense and work on any site instead of Google Adsense. But I can not publish due to some work is done. Hopefully, later in a post, Google AdSense and other sites can be discussed in a wide variety of topics.

AdSense options

The headline is a bit wrong. Because currently, Google Adsense has a single domination in the subject-based advertising world. In other words, when it comes to web advertising, the first choice is AdSense. Google has not achieved this dominance, it has acquired. People like Adsense, because it has a lot of opportunities. Considering various aspects, Google AdSense allows the account and website to be approved. Apart from this, there are more obstacles in South Asian countries. All the Adsense approval for the new website has become a dream.
Currently, advertisements on their own websites or blog site are being used by many to earn money as their main occupation. Again, many people are taking it as part-time work too. The main thing, in this case, is the number of visitors, how many people are viewing your website. The more visitors come to your website, the more money will increase. To increase the number of websites, you can get more benefits by creating informational websites on topics that people frequently search in search engines.
For those who are still thinking about whether they are subjective or contextual advertising, relevant ads based on the content of your blog or website, that is, text and image content, are subject to ads based on the subject. The biggest benefit of this is that website users are able to see relevant ads for your site. As a result, the click-through rate increases, so that your income from advertising will increase. Trying to get Google Adsense approval as an advertising network first. It’s definitely good to get the approval of AdSense. But if it does not get approved, then what should be the silence?
There are more ad networks, such as Adsense, which can be used to utilize your website’s view rate regularly. However, beware of advertising network selection. Specifically, what kind of advertisements they show, the basic principles of their services, the amount of money withdrawal and the minimum amount of withdrawals, whether there is an expense, and displays advertisements for visitors of any region. Here are some reliable advertising networks to look for. There are more networks than these.



Image of Chitika

The United States Massachusetts-based advertising network was established in 2003. In the display of advertisements, they primarily focus on the user’s geographical location and website content.  That means if you click on the ad, the visitor will get the money. No money is available to display ads only. Minimum 10 dollars through PayPal and minimum 50 dollars by check. Chitika with advertising for mobile phones has the opportunity to create various types of sizes of your choice. However, there are complaints about Chitika that they just give money to the US Visitors.

Yahoo-Bing Network


Image of Yahoo-Bing Network

This ad network is managed by MediaWatch, jointly by Yahoo and Bing, two search engines. You do not have to think about the features of advertising where Yahoo and Bing jointly provide advertisements. Small or large, and even fewer traffic websites, they allow. You can choose the ads you need for different sizes and themes. With that you will be introduced to a personal representative, you can get help from him for any needs. You can withdraw at least $ 100 through PayPal.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion

Image of Tribal Fusion

If your blog or website comes at least five million unique visitors every month, then only you can think of registering in the Tribal Fusion. However, you can earn a fair amount of money from this advertising network. The minimum 100 dollar withdrawal can be made by check or bank transfer.

Mad Ads Media

Mad Ads Media

Image of Mad Ads Media

This advertising network displays advertisements from Google, Yahoo, and other major networks. It is easy to get approval, and besides clicking the ad itself, the advertisements will be deposited in your account for the impression.



Image of Clicksor

There is no problem getting approval. You can advertise clicked on any active website. However, the advertisement type must be careful in the selection. Because advertisers without advertisements of banners and other advertisements may cause trouble to your visitor. Paypal or checks can be withdrawn to a minimum of 50 dollars.



Image of Infolinks

In-Text Ads That means there will be advertisements in the link form based on your website’s keywords. If a visitor clicks the link, the web publisher’s account will be credited. Founded in 2007, this advertising network is currently offering in-search, in-frame, and in-tag advertiser services as well as in-text ads. Address: www.infolinks.com

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