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These 7 Chrome Extensions for Google Chrome fans

Many people may feel that the browser has become their online home to stay on the internet. Even if you do not say it in the face, most of the people are used to the software that is their internet browser. For anyone, this is Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox for anyone, Opera for anyone or another for Google Chrome. All of the modern browsers have plenty of add-ons and extensions for user customization. These extensions allow users to make their browser more personalized and exceptionally.

If you are a Google Chrome user, and if you spend most of the day under your chrome, then some of the 7 Chrome extension will certainly be of help to you.

1 Stay Focused

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“Stay Focused” is an extension that will force you to work for you. For example, if you waste extra time on Facebook and lose control over yourself, then this extension will temporarily block those sites after a certain time. As a result, every time you go to those sites, you will remember your work time, not useless. 😉

2 Cool Clock

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“Cool Clock” is a digital and analog clock. These watches will give you hours of information and hourly notifications as well as timely reminders for various tasks.

3 TooManyTabs

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“TooManyTabs” is an extension for Chrome users who are lost in countless tabs every time they work. Extra, that can actually handle this extension to handle extra tabs.

4 Hide FB Questions

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The “Hide FB Questions”, an extension of great work for the worsened Chrome users, is a mood over various types of news queries in news feed by logging in on Facebook. You can install it now to remove all kinds of questions from Facebook News Feed.

5 Turn Off the Lights

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“Turn off the lights” do not light your room. However, whenever you sit to watch a YouTube or any other video, then the other area is lightweight. This extension works.

6 Todoits

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“Todoits” is basically a task manager extension that lets you connect via Gmail and mobile without its own calendar. It will give you the flexibility to organize your time.

7 SpeakIt!chrome extensions

If you do not always see the work that is working with the name, “SpeakIt” bricks, but you will just read all the pages of your web page. If you do not believe, install it now.

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