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The 5 mistakes that you have to avoid if you want to be a successful freelancer

There are some things you can do to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a freelancer. See, because of the things I neglect here, you do not have to do much more than just look at yourself and if you can, make those things positive yourself. Then maybe you will not have to look back. So let’s see the reasons why you can not be a successful freelancer because of the reasons why not-

1) Verbal agreement can not be made
Make a contact with your client without verbal contracts. It is fair enough to email an email sometimes. But a written contract will save you time, reduce extra work and protect you from awkward disputes.

2. ‘Yes’ can not be said all at all
New free lancers are not easy to say ‘no’. It has to face many troubles later and becomes tired of working pressure. Think of the cold head before you take a job, how appropriate you are to do the job. Then think about how cool your skills are in this process. Then decide.

3) Do not fix the value of your work by assuming the assumption
It is a mistake that the new free lancers have decided to pay a lot. In this case, remember that the value of your work is not very low again. Take a homework before you say the price, how much your job can be and how your client’s budget is.

4) Can not always be run according to the client’s instructions
Yes, what your client says is always right. They have appointed you to act according to their instructions. But to be a successful and popular freelancer, you have to take some decisions yourself, which means that your client should That’s why they will do ‘X’ without projecting ‘Y’.

5) Do not think about deadlines
Everyone wants to work at the speed of light. Before the scheduled time, the client wants to gather the job by collecting good reputation. But in order to fix the deadline, you have to be tactful. Find out how long it may take you to finish the job, add more 2-3 days to the client and add deadlines to the client. If you can finish the job before the scheduled time, your client will be happy as well, and you do not have to take too much pressure because you have kept 2-3 days ahead of time.

Do not worry about earnings before you learn to work, always keep in touch with your clients. Know that if you are able to comply with this, the name of the successful freelancers will soon be added to your list.

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