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5 free photography WordPress themes for photographers

I am presenting you with 5 free photography themes for amateur and professional photographers. If you are photographed in a hobby, you can give it a special look, by creating a beautiful website. And if the photography is your proposition, then you must have a website.

Whether it’s a hobby or a propagation, if you can keep all your photography in one place, you can find them at any time for any need. As one of your own photography websites will make your amateur look more beautiful, it will spread your propagation to everyone. So, you can survive without any cost, a free photography theme, and without any developer, create a website yourself.

1. Photomania – Free Photography Theme

free theme

Photo mania can be the first choice theme for your photography website due to visual beauty, graphical refinement, and extraordinary design. This modern theme will fit fades with any device from small to large. This theme’s top bar is designed to be very attractive with two nice buttons on the left drop-down menu and right-hand side. The custom logo on the left side of the main navigation bar and the sticky menu with the hover effect on the right. The same time after the menu, you will get the same social share buttons.

An extraordinary slider is added to the main body of this theme where you can show your best pictures. And you can link them to any page. You can add a tabbed post to the original body where you can upload pictures to different categories of fashion, kids, weddings or nature. There is a chance to add ‘Read More’ button after each category.

2. Fotography – Free Photography Them

free theme

All the elements and features of the theme are needed in order to make a photography website beautifully arranged. This theme has a slide option on top of the picture and the use of the ‘Read More’ button. In this theme, you can organize your Instagram images automatically.

There are many gallery sections in the photography theme. And for each gallery, 4 layouts have been added. One layout of one layout is the same. You can use different types of layouts for each gallery. Besides, there are 3 layouts for blog sections and 3 different layouts for single gallery pages. There is an option called ‘Team and Testimonial’ through which you can upload details of your team members with details. And to change any type of theme, there is a ‘Customizer’ option.

3. Pixgraphy – Pixel perfect photography theme

free theme

Famous Theme Provider Company Theme Frescher, an excellent free photography theme ‘Pixagraphi’. The design of the Social Follow Button on the right side of the top bar of the theme will be easy to look at. A different feature of this theme is that the main navigation menu is set to the bottom of the slider which is usually set above the slider.

The theme’s back-to-top buttons are also designed. This button has been given a hover effect. Pixagraphy theme supports all WordPress plugins including U-Commerce, BibPress. To customize your choice, a customizer has been added to the theme that allows you to easily make the necessary changes.

4. Photo Perfect – Perfect WordPress Photography Theme

free theme

Photo Perfect design is very simple but attractive and responsive. It’s a great theme to sort out any kind of photographs. This theme has a great animation throughout the entire page, which can easily attract your visitors’ attention.

And two menus have been added to the header image. Can be used as a primary and another main menu. If you want, you can also hide a menu. However, the design of the two menus is very interesting and both have the option to call them and the transition effect is given.

5. Photolite – Free Photography Theme

free theme

Photo lights is a light-weight photography theme. The main navigation menu, which was made very close to the feature slider, created a different beauty in the theme. The post title and short description in the sliders. Your readers will be able to read the full feature by clicking the ‘Read More’ button.

Some parts of the original body section of the theme are also set in the slider. And every title and post has been given to the mouse hover effect. No sidebar was placed for the homepage. However, the sidebar is designed on the left side of the category and single pages.

Hopefully, this is a nice theme from the 5 free photography themes you’ve already picked for your photography website. If you need any kind of co-operation to build your website, let us know in the comment box below. The Tech Trainee family is always ready to cooperate with you. And share our posts and also cooperate with us.


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